Today’s BBM List in Indonesia 06 July 2023 Latest update

Today’s BBM List in Indonesia Its Development

Today’s Fuel List In Indonesia , fuel oil (BBM) is the most vital item for the people of Indonesia. Various energy sources found in Indonesia and neighboring countries are used as basic materials for the production of fuel. Berita otomotif Talking about fuel, it has become a habit for the Indonesian people to pay attention to the price of fuel oil for each type of fuel sold at gas stations.

The price of gasoline in Indonesia is set by the government and is updated monthly based on a transparent fuel oil (BBM) pricing policy. This policy was enacted to regulate gasoline prices fairly for the public and keep pace with changes in world crude oil prices.

As of July 2023, the price of gasoline in Indonesia is as follows:

  1. RON 92 petrol (Pertalite): IDR 9,000 per liter
  2. RON 88 petrol (Premium): IDR 7,500 per liter

However, it’s important to note that gasoline prices may vary by region and gas station. These prices can also fluctuate as government policies change or market conditions.

Factors Influencing Today’s Fuel Price List in Indonesia

  1. World Crude Oil Prices: Indonesia as a net importer of crude oil is heavily affected by fluctuations in world oil prices. If the global crude oil price rises, it is likely that the price of gasoline in Indonesia will also rise.
  2. Rupiah Exchange Rate against the US Dollar: Currency exchange rates also have an impact on the price of gasoline. If the rupiah exchange rate weakens against the US dollar, the price of gasoline tends to rise because the cost of importing oil becomes more expensive.
  3. Government Subsidies: The Indonesian government introduces fuel subsidies to lighten the burden on society. However, this subsidy policy may change from time to time depending on economic conditions and the state budget.

Managing Fuel Expenditures in Indonesia

In the face of fluctuating gas prices, here are some tips that can help you manage your gas spending:

  1. Plan Trips Wisely: Efficient travel planning can help reduce gas usage. Combine trips so you don’t have to return to the same place and choose travel times that don’t get stuck in traffic.
  2. Use Public Transport or Share Trips: If possible, consider using public transportation or sharing rides with friends or colleagues. This can help reduce gasoline usage and also provide environmental benefits.
  3. Pay Attention to Vehicle Speed ​​and Maintenance: Obeying speed limits and keeping your vehicle in good condition can improve fuel efficiency and reduce gas usage.
  4. Look for Discounts and Promotions: Always check if there are special discounts or promotions at the nearest gas station. Some stations may offer lower fares on certain days or for certain types of payment.
  5. Use the Latest Apps and Technologies: Take advantage of the latest apps and technologies to help you find the lowest gas prices around you. Smartphone applications and websites can provide information about petrol prices at the nearest gas stations.


Thus the price list for fuel oil (BBM) today in Indonesia. For those of you who want to refuel your car or other vehicle, you can pay attention to the fuel price list that we have provided. However, keep in mind that fuel prices can change at any time without prior notification. Therefore, make sure you are always updated with the latest information from fuel sellers in Indonesia. Hopefully this article useful for you!

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